Lluïsa Verd Marí

All of a sudden, my life took an unexpected turn. I draw nonstop in my notebook with hard covers; it’s filled with circles, with lines. The pencil is like an extension of my hand, like a torch activating metals through fire, folding them into different shapes.

One day as I was holding Agustín’s hand he showed me a poster: Escuela s’Estallera. I don’t really know what face I made at the time. I think he read what was inside of me, like he always does. He gave me the course as a gift. Another word opened up: a rich, passionate world that I explore every day – a word that keeps surprising me. I believe that everything I know as a jeweller today I learnt there, and now I am also taking classes with the jeweller Edu Marín.

I remember that the first piece I made was a dragonfly. “Make something!”, jewellers Toña Figueiras and Xisco Clapés told me. I was wearing a necklace with a dragonfly and I made a reflection of it. I don’t know why; it’s not a shape that excites me. I believe now that it was with that figure that I took off and started to fly.

The result was VerdMarí, a dream come true. My life has taken an unexpected turn.

I was born in Palma. They say I am very much “of this land”. I feel part of the VerdMarí, of the green and blue, of a sea that has cradled me since I was a child. I was six months old when I was first lifted onto a boat. Every summer, that sailboat was our home and Portocolom the base. In my memories, my family smells of salt. We are the Verd Marí. Baldufa, that was the name of the sailboat where we spent every summer until I turned 18. It was a place of happiness.

My parents left Baldufa. First my father, and then my mother. It’s possible that they are – in a way I am unable to explain – inside the jewellery I have been making this year and a half. My life has changed so much in such a short time!

I can remember making bracelets. I love trinkets and of course I love the sparkly bits too! I wanted to study jewellery at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, but my father got sick and my grandfather asked me to stay on Mallorca. During the 1990s graphic design was booming, so I became a graphic designer, but I must confess that I feel more passionate about interior design.

Generally speaking, I feel comfortable with anything that has to do with art, perhaps because that’s what life was like at home. My father started an art gallery in Palma. I studied an arts baccalaureate at the Marymount Int. School in Rome. If I am ever lost, that’s the city where you will find me.

The sea, yes, and Italy. I went back, this time to Turin thanks to a scholarship I was awarded at the end of my design studies in Palma. When I came back I started working for various companies. I kept learning new things. Then there were some years working for a studio called Borisgrafic, frantic years. A great team. Then I took it a step further and started the creative communication studio doctormarí, which I ran until Camper hired me as a Director of Art for their Marketing Department. I worked there until 2014.

My life has changed so much in such a short time!

Today I have a family. I am happy doing what I do. My jewellery shows the turns our lives can take and I give shape to the memories that appear at each turn, without really noticing.

If you would like to take a look, hop aboard the Verdmarí!