Verdmarí showed his collection of handmade jewelry 2019 at the Can Marques Palace in Palma de Mallorca


Thanks to all the friends who have come to the inauguration of the new Verdmarí showroom

Hand-made jewelery

Verdmarí is a brand of handmade jewellery, pieces of jewellery designed and made on Mallorca by Lluïsa Verd.

All the individual items are completely handmade using artisan techniques, made in very limited numbers. Many of them are unique and exclusive pieces.


When Lluïsa Verd Marí comes out of her notebook, she sits down at her workbench to give shape to hundreds of drawings that fill the white pages. She never thinks of the person –or the woman in her case– that will eventually be wearing her creations.

As far as she’s concerned “decorating yourself” with jewellery is a way of setting yourself apart, and paradoxically also a way of hiding.

The pieces of jewellery visualise everything she has been telling us: her preference for the softness of rounded shapes and the weight of art history, above all Modernism, which subtly flows through every item she creates, taking shape as jewellery in our time.

Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and pins emerge from a rigorous process, intense work hours, lived with passion.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the VerdMarí Collection, you can do it directly on the phone 610·267·773 or on this MAIL

Lluïsa Verd Marí

Lluïsa Verd Marí defines herself as a creator of beauty with essence.

If there is something that defines Lluïsa, it is his passion for the Mediterranean essence and beauty. She looks for the essence in everything she does and after a long career in the world of image and communication as a graphic designer, she discovered that what really motivates her is to create jewelry that is more than an ornament, it is a small sculpture.

The woman who has a Verdmarí jewel puts her in value for what she is, as a way of putting herself in value. For that reason, they are exclusive pieces, with soul, and with an explosion of color capable of bringing to those who carry them something more than an object, a way of showing themselves to the world.


In the modernist building of the architect Gaspar Bennazar, located in Plaça Espanya, 4 – 3º 1ª, of Palma

610 267 773

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